Cycling Brings Two Soomom Ambassadors Together
Social media can help you find people who share the same passion and connect with them. You can build these connections all over the world through our virtual playgrounds, but there are many cases where you can expand those horizons and really meet up in person.
Soomom X Mulga : Limited edition Artist series
Sydney Artist's Mulga loves to create funky and colorful animals, bringing joy to everyone passing by his art. Inspired by his coastal lifestyle, he brings a bright twist to some of the coolest specimens in the animal kingdom.
Back to the City
To celebrate the end of lockdown as people slowly head back to the city in Australia, Soomom wants to highlight an under-appreciated segment of the cycling fraternity: The Courier.
Mulga the artist X Soomom
Mulga the artist, is a well-known Sydney figure. With his crazy designs and colourful animal drawings, he is everywhere. We've decided to partner up with the Shire artist for our first Exclusive limited edition collection.
Diabetes & Elite Training
Chris was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his early twenties, following a bad case of food poisoning. This video & article takes you through his fears and struggles and how he overcame them to keep racing at an elite level. 
Here’s to the New Classic
Introducing bright new twist on an old favourite. Essential jerseys become Pro Classic
Pain Management Tips & Tricks for Cyclists - Ep 1 (+ video)
Want to improve cycling pedalling power? Protecting and strengthening your knees is vital. Exercise Scientist EJ Macdonald gives us the ultimate guide to managing and avoiding cycling knee pain.
Pain Management Tips & Tricks for Cyclists - Ep 2 (+ video)
Is anything more uncomfortable while cycling than back pain? Protecting your back is vital to cycling long term. Exercise Scientist EJ Macdonald gives us the ultimate guide to managing cycling back pain.
Pain Management Tips & Tricks for Cyclists - Ep 3 (+ video)
Neck pain while cycling is the worst, right? Protecting your neck is vital to cycling long term. Exercise Scientist EJ Macdonald gives us the ultimate guide to managing cycling neck pain.
Pain Management Tips & Tricks for Cyclists - Intro
How do you manage pain and performance while still enjoying cycling? This essential 3 part series highlights common injuries to cyclists, how to manage them, and how to avoid them in future.
Tips on racing at high level as a Women cyclist
Wanting to be a better cyclist or compete at higher-level cycling races can be a great goal. Yet, it is hard to achieve due to the rigor, training plan, nutrition, and effort needed to progress to become a better cyclist.
One day in hell - Portugal's Granfondo Senhora da Graça
Senhora da Graça is one of the most iconic places in Portuguese cycling. Open to amateurs makes it very popular. However the elements can still remind riders who's boss.
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP06
Karen helps build strength through your core in 6 exercises you can do in under 10 minutes.
8 Must Ride Cycling Routes in Melbourne & Surrounding Regions
Melbourne is a perfect city to explore on a bicycle with friendly cycleways and many natural wonders to explore close to the city. Checkout these routes next time you're looking to explore on your bike.
Brisbane & GC Best Cycling Routes
Brisbane and the Gold Coast's best road cycling routes as selected by Soomom Cycling ambassadors. Brisbane is a perfect city to explore on a bicycl...
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP05
Karen focuses on six exercises that build flexibility and movement through your side body to avoid damage from cycling.
Winter Collection - LAUNCH
Soomom’s first ever Winter collection is here and we’re excited to share a detailed breakdown of the entire collection.
Auckland's Best Cycling Routes
To celebrate the opening of the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand we're checking out the best cycling routes in Auckland.
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP04
In the fourth episode of Yoga for Cyclists Karen demonstrates 6 poses focused on opening the chest that are designed to counter the hunched over effect from cycling.
Canberra's Best Cycling Routes
A city seemingly built for cyclists with plenty of wide, open, tree lines roads with little traffic, and set across a sprawling mostly flat terrain the local cyclists have unlimited options to explore. Here we look at some of the best and most iconic Cycling routes in Canberra and it’s surrounds.
Why being aero matters in cycling?
We've asked Prue Fowler, multiple national NZ champion and Olympic team contender for road and track cycling, what she thinks and knows about being aero. 
Sydney's Best Cycling Routes
We have gathered our Ambassador's favourite rides around Sydney, Wollongong and the Blue mountains for you to follow.
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP03
In the third episode of Yoga for cyclists, Karen focuses on the hips, aiming to improve pedalling efficiency.
Cycling from Sydney to Melbourne - Gear check ( + video)
This week, Peter is back with a video taking you through his entire setup, from nutrition to tire choice and the clothes he is bringing.
Cycling from Sydney to Melbourne - Intro ( + video)
Peter is a busy young dad; between his family, work, and all things life, it's becoming increasingly hard to evade the daily routine and keep challenging himself.
Early riser - Video
Early risers are different, almost like another breed. It makes riding even better; you're only a few layers away from having the road to yourself.
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP02
In the second episode of Yoga for cyclists, Karen focuses on stretching the hamstrings to avoid lower back pain and related injuries.
The best bike ride in South Sydney (+ video)
100Km of national park roads, steep descents, cliffside views, and even a few hundred meters above the water on the sea cliff bridge.
Catalan cruising
Follow Matt cycling through the old streets of Catalonia. Conquering mountains, crossing bridges, and taking on wild descents.
Santos Tour Down Under 2021 - The Inside
We went behind the scenes of the Santos Tour Down under 2021 with our Step Forward racing team to give you insights into what racing looks like after so long without any events.
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP01
Our brand ambassador and yoga coach, Karen Norris, has put together 11 videos, guiding you through easy and quick Yoga practices crafted for cyclists.
Finding the limit
Sydney to Canberra on gravel roads, 413 KM , 7365 meters of elevation, and the guarantee of an unforgettable ride. Mix that up with 40° heat, 60km/h headwinds, and you have one hell of a challenge.
Yoga for cyclists with Karen - Intro
I'm a cyclist and Yoga coach, and It's my pleasure to welcome you to our monthly yoga practice focused on getting you more comfortable and efficient on the bike as well as avoiding future injuries.
Tree conservation and cycling - Canberra Arboretum
In 2003, Canberra was swept by devastating bushfires. Residential areas, bushland, forests, and tree plantations got burnt to the ground.

Take a tour of Australia's most significant Arboretum, its steep climbs, and fast downhills.

Soomom at Kingston Foreshore Cycles Canberra
You can now try on Soomom clothing before you buy at our first partner store in Canberra, Kingston Foreshore Cycles.

Tales of an Australian world championship talent
Ej was born to perform, we followed her on one of her training rides and ask her a few questions about bicycle racing, training routines, and what it takes to make the worlds.
Inner West love
Sydney is one of those cities where you can tell where you are based purely on the graffiti, or lack thereof, on the walls. Discover The Inner Sydney with Jose, bike messenger and cycling lover.
Who we are
We are Soomom, and we're here to create the most cutting edge and elegant cycling garments in the world, accessible to all. Discover what drives us. 

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