Yoga Cyclists Soomom 03

Words & video: Charlie Coquillard / Yoga teacher : Karen Norris 

Yoga for cyclists with Karen -EP03


In the third episode of Yoga for cyclists, Karen focuses on the hips, aiming to improve pedaling efficiency.

A lot of power is wasted in inefficiency. By doing these simple exercises after a ride you can improve your pedaling power and build overall strength.

Karen has crafted a few easy poses she integrates into a flow for you to do in less than 10 minutes, perfect for after a ride.

It's a complete movement of exercises you can repeat at home anytime.

How can I use Yoga to improve hip mobility for cycling?

Karen outlines 5 major poses that can be linked together in this simple sequence to build better hip function in under 10 minutes.

These 5 key movements aim to strengthen and build mobility in your hips which can in turn improve pedalling power, while also delivering other benefits.

The movements we focus on in this episode are outlined below.

Knee Chest Yoga Cycling

1. Knee to Chest pose

By lying prone on the ground you can begin to stretch out the spine before you draw one knee into your chest.

This pose will help to lengthen your glutes and build strength in your lower back.

It will also help to build flexibility in the hips as well.

Bound Angle Yoga Cycling

2. Bound Angle pose

This pose reverses the hip movement form the previous pose by instead of conracting the hip, you are now lengthening the muscles in the hip.

Lean forward and move towards your feet to lengthen the lower back and release any tension in this area from your recent cycle.

Low Lunge Yoga Cycling

3. Low Lunge

The lunge position will elongate the hip region to its maximum and alleviate any tightness in the area.

As you continue to practice this pose you will notice increasing mobility in the area as you can scratch further each time. This will result in more power when you do ride.

Reclining Pigeon Yoga Cycling

4. Reclining Pigeon pose

This pose will also elongate the glutes, build strength in the lower back whilst also being focused on greater hip flexibility.

Make sure to keep you neck flat to the ground so as to avoid any chance of creating tightness in the area.

Bridge Pose Yoga Cycling

5. Bridge pose

A great exercise to build glute strength you are also elongating the muscles in the hip.

This is a great exercise for any active people and especially cyclists, and will also help activate lazy glutes.


It’s important to make maintenance and recovery of your body a priority if you cycle regularly.

Make sure you complete these exercises regularly to see results when you ride.

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