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Soomom is based in Belrose, on Sydney's sunny Northern beaches. Thanks to the beautiful Australian weather, we ride and have fun, a LOT.

We want to make the best cycling garments for people like us that ride all year round. Design, graphics, fabrics, we control every step of the creation process and are always looking for innovative ways to create more incredible products. 

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At Soomom, we dedicate ourselves to creating the most cutting edge and elegant cycling garments in the world, accessible to all.


At the beach, behind the barbecue, on the bike, Australians like to have fun, and we're no different.

Whether you are at the back of the pack on Sunday rides or crossing the line first on A-grade races, we believe cycling should always put a smile on your face. That is why we craft our garments carefully to bring you comfort, style, function, and speed (we can't guarantee the last one).

We think that the better your kit feels, the more enjoyment you get on the bike. For that reason, we are committed to developing new cutting-edge garments and pushing the boundaries of what's possible with textiles.

We care

Mother nature gives us our playground, so we're doing our part to preserve it.

We package our garments into compostable bags and recycled paper packaging for shipping. We've also started to incorporate recycled materials into our Chamois and are actively researching ways of creating a line of recycled apparel.

Nature is beautiful and fragile, and it's where we play. That is why we always think about reducing our impact when we create new products.

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Cycling is one of the most beautiful sport in the world, and we believe everyone should have access to high-quality garments, enhancing the pleasure you have on the bike.

Whether you ride for fun, commute, are a hardcore rider, or a weekend warrior, we want to create garments everyone will love wearing for hours and can afford.

Cycling is getting bigger every day. More than a sport, it is now a lifestyle choice and a way of getting places without burning fossil fuels.

We want to encourage more people to get on bikes, and that goes through high-quality, affordable garments. We're here to change cycling. 

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