Yoga for cyclists with Karen - EP06

Words & video: Charlie Coquillard / Yoga teacher: Karen Norris 


In this weeks episode of Yoga for Cyclists Karen helps build strength through your core in 6 exercises you can do in under 10 minutes.

A strong core is paramount to avoiding long term back injuries as it can take more of the load and force your body is put under while doing strenuous activity like cycling.

Doing these exercises regularly you’ll find you you become much more comfortable while you’re riding.

You’ll also notice that your niggling back injuries begin to dissipate as your core strength build.

A strong core will also help you to deliver greater force through your legs, creating more power and higher output.Karen will take us through the following 6 poses during todays yoga session.

How can I build a strong core and avoid damage from cycling?

By following Karen’s instruction and exercises consistently you can help to avoid long term damage from cycling and build a stronger core.

By building strength in your core you will improve overall performance and comfort while riding.

Karen takes us through 6 poses to help build core strength, repeat these consistently and you will quickly see results next time you're riding.

Extended Kneeling Pose Yoga Cycling

1. Extended Kneeling Pose

Starting in a kneeling pose on all fours, extend one arm and the opposite leg to a full extension.

Bring both extended arm and legs in again in a crunch motion, repeat for several reps before switching sides.

Forearm Dolphin Plank Yoga Cycling

2. Forearm Dolphin Plank

Move into a standard forearm plank position on your forearms with legs extended and standing on your toes.

Start to unlock your hips by turning your body at the waist, dropping your hips to either side, then alternating.

 Side Plank Yoga Cycling

3. Side Plank

From the Dolphin Plank extend your body upwards on one arm while extending the other above your body.

Take the free arm and wrap it under your body as far as you can, before extending it above your body again.

After several reps switch sides and repeat. Remember to maintain a steady breathing pattern throughout.

Boat Pose Yoga Cycling

4. Boat Pose

In a sitting position raise your legs and hold them in the hair, bending them at the knees to keep your feet off the ground.

With your feet parallel to the ground alternate by dropping your feet to the ground while keeping them raised in the air.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Cycling

5. Downward Facing Dog

Return to a classic downward facing dog pose and lift your left leg extended into the air.

Bring your knee from the extended leg tight into your chest, creating a crunch motion for your core and then repeat on the other side.

Tabletop Pose Yoga Cycling

6. Tabletop Pose

Finally we move into a tabletop pose, lying flat on our back and focusing on keeping your lower back pushed into mat.

Either with bent knees, or if you can with extended legs, drop them from left to right of your body while keeping them in the air

.Maintain a steady rhythm and twist while keeping your lower back pressed down firmly.


It’s important to make maintenance and recovery of your body a priority if you cycle regularly.

Make sure you complete these exercises regularly to see results when you ride.

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