Words & video: Charlie Coquillard / Yoga teacher : Karen Norris 

Yoga for cyclists with Karen -EP02

In the second episode of Yoga for cyclists, Karen focuses on stretching the hamstrings to avoid lower back pain and related injuries.

Hamstring are heavily solicited while cycling, and if an injury went to occur, you'd be out of the bike for the near foreseeable future.
Karen has crafted six easy poses that she integrates into a flow for you to do at home. All this in less than 10 minutes, perfect to do after a ride. 

On today's episode of Yoga for Cycling with Karen, we focus on stretching, lengthening the hamstrings. The exercise is better done after a ride to release all the tension you have built up in your body while riding. If you are a triathlete, this flow can also help relieve the stress built up in your body from running.
It's a complete suite of exercises that you can repeat at home anytime.

In the next episode of Yoga for cyclists, dropping early April, we will focus on the hips, aiming to improve pedaling efficiency.
So if you want to pedal better, don't miss the next episode of our series. See you all in April. 

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