Yoga for cyclists with Karen - Ep01

Words & Video: Charlie Coquillard  / Yoga teacher: Karen Norris


Do you want to be a better cyclist?

Becoming stronger and more comfortable on the bike is a goal for may cyclists.

Yoga is an increasingly important part of a cyclists training program to make sure their body is in the best condition possible to perform consistently.

Yoga can positively impact your cycling by relaxing and stretching key muscles, allowing you to deliver more power and be more comfortable on the bike.

It will also help to avoid pain and prevent long term injuries from cycling.

In this episode of Yoga for Cyclists Karen takes you through some basic exercises to repeat consistently.

Those poses stretch the muscles most active while riding. By improving the performance of these muscle groups you can avoid pain or injuries and become a stronger rider. 

Every month we'll release an episode focused on a different part of the body and muscle groups.

Cat Cow Yoga Cycling

1. Cat Cow pose

With Cat Cow we combine two poses that when put together creates a really great flow to start.

It increases the mobility through the spine for cyclists who spend a lot of time in flex forward positions while riding.

By switching between the Cat and Cow poses you build and strengthen the muscles along the spine.

Downward Dog Yoga Cycling

2. Downward Facing Dog pose

The Downward Facing Dog is a classic pose that strengthens many major regions of the cyclists body.

It will lengthen the spine that is often closed while cycling, while also activating the glutes and hamstrings also.

Great for those feeling any back or glute tightness to relieve discomfort and build strength in these areas.

Extended Puppy Yoga Cycling

3. Extended Puppy pose

Great for building core strength the Extended Puppy pose is another one that will help when you get back on your saddle.

By engaging the core through the entire movement you are building a resistance to any lower back weakness that will cause discomfort while you ride. 

4. Sphinx pose

Here we again target the upper back that is often so flex forward while be ride.

Again focus on holding your core throughout the movement and ensure that you are feeling your upper back and lengthening out here, creating greater flexibility.

Child Pose Yoga Cycling

5. Closed-Legged Child's pose

A final step to create length between your vertebrae and extend the spine to reach maximum flexibility on the saddle.

Sit forward and focus on keeping alignment through your back as your back extends.


It’s important to make maintenance and recovery of your body a priority if you cycle regularly.

Make sure you complete these exercises regularly to see results when you ride.

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