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As cyclists we spend a lot of time balanced on a two wheel frame hurtling around corners and powering up climbs.

There's continual stress on many parts of a cyclist's body as they push it further and further to the limit.

How do you manage ongoing pain and performance while still being able to enjoy the sport we love?

Soomom is teaming up with exercise scientist and Soomom Ambassador EJ MacDonald to breakdown the most common causes of ongoing pain for cyclists.

This 3 part series highlights the most common injuries to cyclists, how to manage them, and how to avoid them in the future.

What we will cover in this cycling pain management series

This 3 part series covers 3 common pain complaints from cyclists

  • Knee Pain for Cyclists
  • Lower Back Pain for Cyclists
  • Neck Pain for Cyclists
ej mcdonald soomom ambassador

Hey I'm E.J 

I'm a former World championship athlete and an exercise Scientist from the University of Wollongong.

I am the currently working with cycling team : Team Bridgelane. 

I have teamed up with Soomom apparel to create a series of 3 episodes targeted at preventing and treating common pain cyclists experience, namely pain of the knee, back and neck. 

By giving you access to a comprehensive series of exercises I hope to keep you healthy and on the bike! 

Read more about how EJ trains and what it takes for female riders to reach the next level in their cycling in EJ's Tips for Female Cyclists.

Treatment & Prevention of ongoing cycling pain

We all want to protect our bodies so we can do what we love most for as long as we can .. cycling.

EJ will help build strength in the areas most vulnerable to injury from being bent over a bike frame for long periods.

Building strength in areas like your core not only helps ease discomfort, but also provides a stronger base for your body to reach peak performance.

So much of the power a cyclist generates comes from having a strong and stable core your legs can generate power from.

If you're finding you're moving too much in the saddle, or your hips are rocking, then you're losing power through your leg drive.

Follow EJ's tips to remedy the pain you're experiencing from cycling, and then build a routine to incorporate strength training off your bike, so you can perform at your peak on it.

Let's eliminate pain while cycling

Checkout the full series and learn more about why you may experience pain from cycling.

Catch the full series on Youtube here.

Or, checkout the blogs with videos here. Follow along for updates from EJ on our Instagram page too.

Keep cycling longer and reach your peak performances with a strong, pain free body.

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