Charlie Coquillard - 08/09/2020


We are Soomom, and we're here to create the most cutting edge and elegant cycling garments in the world, accessible to all.

After years of buying high quality but expensive garments, we decided that it was time to give cyclists another alternative. We wanted to create top-notch, cutting edge clothing that the average wallet could afford.

We believe cycling is more than a sport; it's part of the future of transport and is truly changing the world. We want to remove barriers that stop people from cycling, which goes through creating more high-quality, accessible cycling garments.


We pride ourselves in designing all our garments in-house. Innovation is at the heart of our organisation. Because we do everything ourselves, we can implement customer and ambassador's feedback on our pieces effectively.

You are wearing some of our clothes and think you can make them better? You have a piece of clothing in mind that no manufacturers have ever produced before? Feel free to get in touch and give us your ideas about how cycling clothing should be. 

Why we care.

See? That's the view from our office in Belrose, Sydney. We get to witness this beautiful scenery every day, and we want this to keep going.

For this reason, we try to create our garments in the most sustainable way possible.
All our garments are shipped in packaging made of compostable or recycled material, but that's not all. If you damage your Soomom kit, you can send it back for repair, so we don't have to replace it.

We always incorporate sustainability in our development process, minimise our environmental impact as much as possible by picking fabrics local to our site of production, and using energy-efficient technics.


In Women, we trust.

Women comprise 50% of the world population, yet, they are significantly underrepresented in cycling. We're setting out to change this.
With multiple junior female athletes and a women-only A-grade racing team under our wings, we want to help the next generation of female riders.

Because we know garments don't always fit properly, we work very closely with our ambassadors and our team to produce clothing that fits the female body perfectly. Regardless of its shape and size.

We listen to them and change fabrics, tweak details, alter sizes, and make sure we produce clothing women will love wearing for hours.

Making cycling more accessible.  

Our mission is to create the most cutting edge and elegant cycling garments in the world, accessible to all.
And we are sticking to it.

We strive to create the best garments on the market, so more people get into cycling, regardless of their background.
Innovation is at the heart of Soomom, and every day we are looking at ways of bettering our products, processes, impact, and prices.

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