7 Stunning Cycling Road Rides in and around Auckland

Words: Scott McAllister / Pictures: Hugh Baird 


To celebrate the opening of the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand we're checking out the best cycling routes in Auckland.

The capital city has a lot to offer cyclists, with a buzzing CBD of popular inner city suburbs located along a pristine shoreline just minutes from mountains, National Parks, islands and beaches.

Spend time on your bike exploring the latest hot neighbourhoods enjoying food, drinks and shopping along the way.

Or take one of the many cycling friendly roads out of the city along the famous bays into the green countryside to escape the city traffic.

Whatever you do you can expect to find something new every way you go with countless landscapes to explore.

1. Tamaki Drive

Tamaki Drive is a popular scenic ride from Auckland's CBD out along the bays to the East of the City.

With a designated cycling lane you will see why this 60 km loop route is so popular with cyclists of all levels.

Leaving the city from the Port of Auckland in the North of Parnell head East along Tamaki Drive as the road crosses Hobson Bay.

Sticking to the coast you’ll see some of Auckland’s most popular beaches including Mission Bay as the coast turns South past Waiotaiki Bay before you turn around at Point England Reserve.

A safe and scenic ride for all skill levels you won’t find a cyclist in Auckland who hasn’t enjoyed this cycle.

Checkout the full route here.

2. Airport Loop

A popular ride for mid week training the Airport Loop takes you past a constantly changing scenery along its 60km route.

Starting in the Auckland CBD heading East along the pristine bays you will turn South and head out through the Auckland suburbs.

At this point you will suddenly find yourself in green farming country as you pedal towards the Airport that sits South of the city.

Once you pass the airport you’ll head North back over the Mangere Bridge back into Auckland to finish the loop.

Checkout the full route here.

Soomom ambassador Prue Fowler / Pictures: Hugh Baird

3. Triple Peaks

On this ride you’ll conquer the 3 most prominent volcanic peaks in the city of Auckland.

Your hard work will be rewarded as each of these offers scenic views of the city from their peaks.

Heading South out of Auckland it won’t be long until you reach your first peak, Mount Eden which stands at 196m.

Heading further South you’ll soon be heading up One Tree Hill in Cornwall Park.

With 2 peaks down and the final one in your view don’t rest now, take a quick drink while you circle around Mount Wellington.

As a final reward for your efforts cycle back along Mission Bay as you head back into town. 

Checkout the full route here.

Auckland Locals Favourite Rides
Prue Fowler

Location: Auckland

Soomom Ambassador Prue Fowler at home on some of her favourite cycling routes around Auckland / Photos: Charlie Coquillard

4. Tour de Ranges

This ride is also the name of a successful Summer bike race in Auckland called the ‘Tour de Ranges’ and is a good challenge for medium or advanced cyclists.

The ride heads South East out of Auckland through the town of Clevedon before circling the Hunua Ranges.

With three climbs with an elevation over 150m, plus several other smaller peaks, you’ll be challenged long the scenic and picturesque regional park route along it’s full 170km route.

For a shorter journey follow the race route that sits at 108 km here.

Checkout the full route here.

5. Around Auckland

Get a feel for Auckland City with the Around Auckland Loop that takes in the cities hottest neighbourhoods and most stunning bays and beaches.

Starting in Newtown head toward the Harbour through trendy Ponsonby.

When you hit the harbour turn right and follow the shoreline East through the Wynyard Quarter and along the Quays of the Auckland Waterfront.

With a tour of the bays and beaches to the East of the city completed you’ll be headed back to Newtown through the outer suburbs.

Stop off in Newmarket for a coffee on your way back and chat about everything you’ve just seen on this spectacular Auckland cycle. 

Checkout the full route here.

6. Waitakere Loop

Bonus: Extend to the North Shore, grab a ferry back, or take a detour to Piha (be careful it's hilly)

To see some of the scenic gems to the West of the City be sure to take in Waitakere, a popular cycling location on the way to the Western coastline of New Zealand.

Head South West out of Auckland through the outer suburbs and you’ll soon see the Waitakere ahead of you.

With the highest climb at Ruaotuwhenua over 300m you will be tested, before you loop back through some cruisy downhill section back to Auckland.

For a scenic addition head North from the Waitakere to the Northern Suburbs of Auckland. Cruise along the white sand beaches this area is famous for along Campbell’s Bay, Castor Bay and Milford Beach.

Finish up in Davenport for a relaxing ferry ride back to Auckland with your bike. An ultimate day out on the saddle.

Riders also like to drop down into coastal town Piha, famous for it’s beaches too, but be careful as it’s famously hilly on the way out. 

 Checkout the full route here.

7. Taupaki Loop

Another popular training ride takes riders from Auckland North West out of the city towards the farming town of Taupaki.

This 40km route is a quick one for cyclists of all abilities and along it’s short route you’ll see a constantly changing range of scenery.

Heading West from the city you’ll follow the Northwestern Motorway that crosses the Southern edge of the Auckland Harbour.

Before long you’ll be cruising along country roads into Taupaki to stop for a coffee or turn around for an equally picturesque ride back into town.

 Checkout the full route here


Whatever you’re after, inner city shopping, hipster neighbourhoods, amazing coffee or unique, pristine wilderness you can find it along these cycle routes in Auckland.

With the borders now open it might be time to book that next holiday and enjoy some extended time on your bike.

Checkout our favourite Australian cycling routes for the best rides in cities around Australia here.

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