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new classic 

Words : Charlie Coquillard / Pictures: Charlie Coquillard 

A bright new twist to an old favourite.

We took our popular Essentials jersey, using the best Italian Carvico fabric and craftsmanship, and decided to refine it, following your feedback.

We don’t rest on great.

We constantly push for excellence.

We are introducing the Pro Classic jersey. The revamped Essentials jersey, replacing it in the collection.

A New Classic for a new age of innovation

After putting the Essentials range to the ultimate test on the backs of cyclists across Australia and the world, we knew we could craft an even better jersey.

We kept the same premium Italian Carvico® fabric and craftsmanship but focused on the details to deliver the ultimate riding experience.

We don’t rest on great. We constantly push for excellence.

Stand out from the crowd

Combining stylish colorways to stand out from the pack, you’ll be safer and more visible in this range of vivid palettes.

Get a grip

Realising our waist grippers could improve, we widened the hem grip and used a different rubber front and back, so your jersey will grip tightly to your waist—no more jersey riding up your back.

Fresh cut

We believe premium fabrics need little intervention to be their best. We don’t interfere in the natural properties wherever we can. The Pro Classic now uses free-cut sleeves & rear pockets for ultimate comfort and performance, replacing the previous thermo-glued hems of the Essential jerseys.

Stretch it out

We obsess over pockets. When you ride, there has to be a place for everything. Back pockets on jerseys are so versatile but can experience wear with overuse. We’ve redesigned our rear jersey pockets to avoid fraying, overstretching, and adding increased accessibility.

Zip it up

Riders noticed our old zipper was bunching and was on the heavy side. We now use a lower-profile zipper to avoid fabric bunching and keep a streamlined fit while riding. We have kept the Auto-lock technology from YKK.

To the neck

Comfort is number 1 for us. A stray bit of fabric here or there can cause severe discomfort on long, sweaty, challenging rides. Our streamlined profile collar enhances your comfort on the bike.

Shine Bright

That’s the New Classic, our fresh take on our Essentials jersey.

We use the same premium Italian Carvico Fabric coupled with the best finishing techniques in the industry.

Now with enhanced details to make this a staple in your collection.

And a fresh, bright twist to stand out from the crowd.

Welcome to our Pro Classic range.

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Here’s to the New Classic

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