Soomom X Mulga : Limited edition Artist series
Sydney Artist's Mulga loves to create funky and colorful animals, bringing joy to everyone passing by his art. Inspired by his coastal lifestyle, he brings a bright twist to some of the coolest specimens in the animal kingdom.
Mulga the artist X Soomom
Mulga the artist, is a well-known Sydney figure. With his crazy designs and colourful animal drawings, he is everywhere. We've decided to partner up with the Shire artist for our first Exclusive limited edition collection.
Here’s to the New Classic
Introducing bright new twist on an old favourite. Essential jerseys become Pro Classic
Winter Collection - LAUNCH
Soomom’s first ever Winter collection is here and we’re excited to share a detailed breakdown of the entire collection.
Soomom at Kingston Foreshore Cycles Canberra
You can now try on Soomom clothing before you buy at our first partner store in Canberra, Kingston Foreshore Cycles.

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