The Feedback loop program

At Soomom we figured that the best positioned to improve our garments and give us feedback on our product are those that ride the most: You.

Riders come in all shapes and sizes; they ride different bikes, like dirt, gravel, or road, and have different tolerances to effort. They're all different, which is what makes cycling beautiful. Because of such diversity, it is challenging for a brand like us to create the perfect garments for everyone, and to achieve that; we need data, loads of it.

We encourage everyone wearing Soomom apparel to submit their thoughts on our garments, good and bad, through the feedback loop program. The feedback loop allows us to perfect our garments, cover a more comprehensive range of riders by implementing new technology and adaptative changes, and ultimately help you get more comfortable on the bike.

So may it be by answering our monthly feedback loop newsletter, social post, sending us an email, or simply filling up the form at the bottom of the page, get in touch. And together, let's build a more comprehensive range of garments for all cyclists. 


Because we value your time and inputs, we will be giving away a free kit to anyone coming up with one idea that ends up being implemented.

Get in touch with us and tell us what you think about our garments and how you think we could improve. If your idea is picked up, we will prototype it, test it, and if the suggestion reaches the market, you'll get a fresh kit from us mailed straight to you. 

Get in touch

To get in touch with us, you can message us on Instagram or Facebook, by emailing us at, or by filling up the form

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