We made the Merino collection for those lovers of long distances, adventure rides, and roads less traveled. Using the magic Merino material, these garments provide a modern yet classic look. Delivering the famous breathability and thermoregulation that natural wool fabrics offers, they will keep you in the saddle for days on end.

Imagined and conceived for multi-day adventures, gravel riding, and bikepacking, this Merino Collection is built to endure the roughest terrain and the most extreme conditions.

Go explore; we've got your back


For When you can only take one

Merino is Magic; it keeps you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Merino wool is the brilliant result of evolution and selective breeding; It is exquisitely soft, skin-friendly, and used in a wide variety of sport-related fabrics.

Adventure Cycling has always existed, but it made a comeback over the past few years. Roads getting busier and bikes getting better have pushed cycling to evolve and has a brought gravel and bikepacking to the forefront of the discipline.

From the cold peaks of the Alps to the arid fire trails of the Australian Outback, our Merino range will be your best friend when you can only take one for each. We wanted to create products allowing you to ride longer, more comfortably, in all conditions.

Thermo regulation

Merino wool naturally regulates heat. The fabric breath better than any other, making it perfect for clothing you want to wear all year round.

Stay cool

In warm weather, the fabric absorbs your body's moisture and evaporates outside the fibers, helping you keep cool.

Stay Warm

When the temperature inverts and gets cold, the moisture from your body sweat condense inside the fabric, generating heat and keeping you toasty.

OdoUr resistant

Merino wool absorbs all oduor molecules and only releases them during washing. Regardless of the temperatures or the nature of the effort, you'll feel fresh all day long. Even while climbing the Galibier mid-summer.

Wrinkle resistant

The elastic properties of the merino fiber make it remarkably wrinkle resistant. Simple hang your shirt, leave it on a branch or the balcony of the hotel room when your ride is done, and it'll get itself ready for the next day.

No Discomfort

Merino wool fibers are a lot thinner than standard Wool, making the garments flexible, soft, and non-itching.


Hypoallergenic fibers treat the skin softly and avoid any chafing or skin irritation.

Dries quickly

Merino wool releases sweat easily and dries way faster than any other type of garment, making it ideal for multi-day riding trips.


Merino wool is much stronger than most natural fibers; blended with Synthetic fabrics such as Nylon and polyester, it makes for extremely tough clothes.

Ride Longer

The properties of Merino and the ways we work on on it makes for some of the toughest garments out there. That's why we made them.

The traditional way of stitching Merino makes it resistant to both hot and cold extreme temperatures. This technique, coupled with the classic cycling jersey cut and design, has proven to deliver the best results in durability over time and has been used on thousands of different products over the past century.

Because Wool is less durable than synthetic fabric, we use a blend of Merino Wool, Elastane, and polyester. The Merino Wool provides the garment with antibacterial, sweat-wicking, and breathable properties, while polyester and Nylon make the garment strong and durable. Nylon is exceptionally efficient in reducing abrasion and increasing the stretch of a garment.


More Comfort

We've built this collection for you to go far, and when you go far, you have to pack light. If you can only take one specific piece of equipment for the trip, make sure it's Merino. Its quick-drying capabilities will have your garments dry and ready for the next day in minutes.

The natural UV barrier of the fabric, coupled with its hypoallergenic properties, makes it the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

The extra soft Italian blend we use has been chosen for its comfort on the skin. That way, you can ride mile after mile without chaffing or observing any discomfort.


All-terrain, all conditions

On-road or gravel, for a day or a month, amid summer or at the deep of Winter, Merino garments are made to be with you regardless of the conditions. Designed for those that go the extra mile, all year long.

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