Essential Bib Shorts - Navy

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When the alarm clock goes off early in the morning and you think about texting your mate to cancel, these are the bib shorts you need in your closet.
Comfortable, lightweight and well designed, you’re going to look forward to every ride in them – even the early ones.

We designed our Essential bibs to be indispensable. They’ll become the first pair you reach for in the drawer, and you might even end up owning more than one set.

The chamois pad is made and designed in Italy, employing traditional techniques and up-to-the-minute technical materials to provide performance-focused comfort.

The stretchy straps employ large perforations on the back to maximise airflow and let moisture escape, while the shoulder sections are wide enough to create a comfortable contact with your skin and not dig in. The tension should be just right for holding the shorts where you want them and preventing any irritating movement of the chamois and seams.

Comfortably stretchy straps that still deliver a secure fit

Italian-designed chamois pad for luxurious all-day riding

Mesh back panels for extra breathability

Reflective detailing on lower back for night-time visibility

Sticky gripper at the leg cuff holds shorts in place

Strong, welded seams eradicate irritation and chafing

Perfect complement to our Essentials jersey

Stay safe

Reflective dots printed at the back of the bibs so you stay
safe and visible even if the ride lasts a bit longer than expected (once again).

Strap in

Soft, strong and seamless straps for maximum comfort on the road or at the coffe shop. 


The perforated mesh back panel ensures that you stay
comfortable and (mostly) sweat-free even during the hottest days. 

Rubber side down.

Printed rubber hem grip that doesn't cut off the blood flow
and let you breathe while ensuring your bibs never ride up when you're going for it. 

① Waist

Place the measuring tape around your narrowest part of your waist. Keep the tape horizontally.

② Hips

Stand on a level surface with feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Keeping the tape parallel with the floor.

③ Thigh Round

Place your feet on a level surface and be shoulder width apart. Measure around the fullest part of your thigh.

Waist74-8278-86 82-90 86-94 90-98 94-104
Hips90-98 94-102 98-106 102-110106-114 112-122
Thigh Round52-56 54-58 56-6058-62 62-64 64-68
Height171-178 176-183 181-188 186-193 191-199 197-205
Weight/KG65-75 75-85 80-90 85-95 90-10095-110
Waist29.1-32.2 30.7-33.932.2-35.433.9-37.0 35.4-38.6 37.0-40.9
Hips35.4-38.637.0-40.238.6-41.7 40.2-43.3 41.7-44.9 44.1-48.0
Thigh Round20..5-22.021.3-22.822.0-23.622.8-24.424.4-25.225.2-26.8
Height67.3-70.169.3-72.071.3-74.1 73.2-76.075.2-78.377.6-80.7
Weight/KG65-75 75-8580-9085-95 90-10095-110

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