Words : Charlie Coquillard / Video: Charlie Coquillard / Yoga teacher : Karen Norris - 28/01/2021

Yoga for cyclists with Karen

Want to be faster and more comfortable on your bike? Do you want to avoid injuries and back pain? Well, this new series of videos is for you. Our brand ambassador and yoga coach, Karen Norris, has put together 11 videos, guiding you through easy and quick Yoga practices crafted for cyclists. 

Every month we'll release an episode focused on a different part of the body and muscle groups.

Cyclists spend a lot of time flexed forward with a rounded upper and lower back. This position creates imbalances between muscle groups. With cycling, hip flexors shorten and become tight, causing the glutes to become weak and underactive. The rounded upper back causes the chest and upper traps to tighten the mid-back and scapular stabilizers. Abdominal muscles shorten, and the muscles that run along the back of the spine lengthen and weakened.

These yoga poses are chosen to stretch the tight, shorten muscles and strengthen and engage the weak, underactive ones commonly seen in cyclists.

We are happy to have you onboard; we'll see you next month for the second episode of Yoga for cyclists with Karen. 

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