Words : Scott Macallister & Charlie Coquillard / Pictures: Charlie Coquillard 

We've got some exciting news ...

e’re excited to announce the latest Soomom collection is ready to roll.

You asked for it and the time has come for the initial drop in our first ever Winter Collection.

Winter Collection

We know you’ve been waiting, but we’re sure it’s going to be worth the wait.

Due to covid affected supply chains this collection is split into a couple different drops.

We couldn’t keep you waiting any longer for some new designs and layers you’re going to need to keep riding through the colder months.

The first release will drop in one weeks time:

So keep your eyes peeled for the latest all-weather outerwear and long sleeve jerseys.

Built for Australian Conditions

At Soomom nothing stops us from getting out on our bikes. Rain, cold mornings or shorter days can’t slow us down.

As Australian’s we’re (mostly) protected from the harshest Winter conditions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Plus, the cooler temps and low humidity can make Winter riding a nice reprieve from those hot Aussie Summers.

Negative Split carbon wheels are crafted in New Zealand

 Incorporating the Latest Technology & Design

As always Soomom brings the best and latest innovations to our Winter Collection.

We continue to use the best materials, sourced from Italian manufacturers and designed to resist the harshest conditions.

Improved hem grippers, more pockets for convenience, durable and lightweight fabrics and more reflective components for rider safety.

We’re always pushing our designs to squeeze in more features. 

Extreme Comfort

With more reflective fabrics and detailing, laser cut sleeves and 3D printed materials we aim for extreme rider comfort, no matter how long the ride or how tough the conditions.

We focus on making perfectly fitted garments so you can focus on breaking PBs.

Keep your eyes out

So keep your eyes out next week for the first drop in the Winter Collection.

As always, follow us on Instagram for some extra product insights as we break down everything we squeezed into the new designs.

We’re always wanting our customers feedback so send us a message, we’d love to hear from you.

Checkout the full range Winter Collection when it drop @ www.soomom.com

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