Words & video :  Charlie Coquillard / Rider : Peter Franc

Cycling from Sydney to Mebourne - When adventure calls

eter is a busy young dad; between his family, work, and all things life, it's becoming increasingly hard to evade the daily routine and keep challenging himself.

Once an overland and minimalist traveler, he has settled for a more ordinary life in the Inner West. But what about his spirit of adventure, love for the unknown, need for growth, and burning desire to achieve great goals? 

Peter is embarking on a 1200 Km, 15000 m of elevation cycling journey from Sydney to Melbourne in April's first week. From below sea level valleys up to the Kosciusko national parks' highest roads, Peter will push his Soomom kit to the limit.

As he explains in the video, he wants to show that you can do incredible things with what you already have—no need for a new bike, a ton of gear, or a support team. His current road rig, a single kit, and a saddlebag will do the trick. 

You will be able to Follow Peter's journey daily from the 1st to the 7th of April on our blog or Instagram. 

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