Words & Photos:  Charlie Coquillard - 10/11/2020

CARVICO® fabric in our essential range, the best of Italy with Soomom.

Because we strive to make the best cycling garments globally, we also source the best fabric to make our clothing light, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Our essential jerseys are made of Carvico® fabric, invented and made in Italy.

We wanted the jerseys at the core of our range to be tough and extremely comfortable to wear, regardless of the conditions you ride in—a versatile and premium fabric for kits that will last forever.

Please scroll down to discover more about Carvico® fabric, it's properties, and why we chose it for our Essential range's jerseys.  

Muscular compression.
Compression is an essential role of cycling clothing; it helps increase comfort, blood flow, and reduce lactic acid production. Less lactic acid means reducing the chances of getting cramps and quicker elimination of the body's wastes during and after the effort.

By compressing the body at specific points, the blood and oxygen flows increase, allowing the body to breathe more and recover quicker. 

UV Protection.

Based in Australia, we know how important it is to create garments that protect you from the sun. The Carvico Fabric we use offers a UPF 50+ protection rating, which means that even when the sun beats down hard on the tarmac in the middle of summer, you stay protected.

The only thing you have to worry about are tan lines. 

Nylon Spandex fabric.

Carvico® is a proprietary fabric made of Nylon Spandex, one of the most resistant and stretchable materials on the market. The strong warp-knit structure is excellent for muscle support and recovery, with high opacity for complete coverage.

Feels smooth and luxurious against the skin for a comfortable feeling even on longer rides. It's also extremely fast-drying on top of those properties, which makes it ideal for cycling clothing. 

Maximum stretch

The use of high-quality RAW materials and the unique construction and milling of fibers in Italy enhance the garment's durability, their ability to stretch, and resistance to Washing.

Due to the properties of the Nylon spandex blend produced by Carvico®, the fabric is made to fit close to the body and embrace the silhouette, allowing maximum freedom of movement. 


Moisture must be quickly transferred to the garments' outer layer to keep the skin fresh and dry. This propriety also prevents itching, and the spread of bacteria, which may cause a bad smell.

The hollow polyamide fiber's unique structure ensures natural breathability that allows evaporation of excess moisture, with the benefit of exceptional comfort for the wearer, even during extreme physical exercise.

Furthermore, air trapped inside the hollow fiber ensures optimal thermal insulation, keeping body temperature constant without compromising the garment's breathability.

Our essential range has been designed to be your Everyday friend when you go on a ride. It is the most versatile of our jerseys, and that's why we choose to use Carvico Fabric. Luxurious feeling, breathability, sun protection, comfort, featherweight, our essential range will be with you on your training rides, when you go to work, or during a Sunday bash with mates.

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